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HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE OLD AGES(unknown in-character, for context only)

-38 f.e: the Inescapable Famine, the first Champion of Bruuvah (Queen Shayla ‘the Deed Doer’ Ruwallah) appears and multiplies the food stores for the people. She goes on to found the Royal Clan of Ruwallah, followers flock to her cause. She forms a kingdom with her Clan at the helm. Her eight most loyal followers formed the Great Clans Nobility

-37 f.e: A Beholder is sighted in numerous places far apart. The Royal Clan places a bounty of 5000(currency?) on it. 68 fortune seekers perish before it is destroyed

-36 f.e: Xeedilo the Daring disowned from the Gayre Great Clan

-35 f.e: The Two Year Shift begins, marking political reform giving the Great Clans less voting power in the Government

-35 f.e: the Armory of Mael remodeled

-34 f.e: a chimera is slain by a famous adventurer

-33 f.e: A golem is used in an assassination attempt by a group of fanatics

-33 f.e: Triv of Daivel wins first battle

-32 f.e: A far-reaching shortage of diamonds, diamond items and weapons become extremely valuable and rare

-31 f.e: the Vikus Eclipse

-29 f.e: A historic shortage of maps, knowledge of territories across the ocean is lost

-28 f.e: the Blessed Flare, the Sun burns very brightly that summer, speeding the growth of crops and promoting larger yields

-26 f.e: Idedai Armory interior finished, The Queen begins stockpiling high quality diamond weapons, furnishing an entire armory

-25 f.e: Viner of Jotual passes controversial law

-24 f.e: A religious group known as ‘The Affinity’ [Chaotic Good] is founded in the capital city. They dedicate their lives to the service of Bruuvah’s Champion. Queen Shayla does not approve

-23f.e: Areand of Scaen wins first battle

-22 f.e: the Blasted Debate, Dayana of the Affinity & Rogue Scholar Esperanza ‘The Liberal’ conduct the most famous religious debate in history regarding the side of Bru-Al and their meanings. It ends in bloodshed

-21 f.e: Pikl Observatory dedicated as the Temple of a new religious group, The Brothers of Al-Daar. Founded by Esperanza The Liberal

-21 f.e: Lady Jimena of Halkerston appointed as Chamberlain

-19 f.e: a historically important surplus of fabric

-18 f.e: a far-reaching surplus of fabric

-17 f.e: rumors appear of another Champion in the land but the Royal Family denies them and jails anybody spreading them

-16 f.e: a pack of wolves is smuggled into the country

-16f.e: the Eastern Wendwater Landslide occurs killing 30

-15 f.e: Kathryn of Orn makes key speech

-13f.e: the Orn Renewal marks a period of key financial success for the Orn Great Clan

-11f.e: A werewolf is used in a battle, it kills many men on both sides of the battle and flees

-10 f.e: Aeluz the Rich elected Mayor of a major city

-6 f.e: a basilisk is smuggled into the country

-5 f.e: Camyae Fortress razed, marking the beginning of the rebellion

-5 f.e: a phoenix is unleashed by rebels at the capital city

[ Battles The Battle of Tallum

The Battle of Red Snow

The Siege of Marvellum

The Second Battle of Tallum

The Battle of the Black Cliffs

-1 f.e: The Exalted Cataclysm



1 f.e: Survivors from the homelands flee to Skantos after The Day. Landing at an island that would become known as Bru’Al’s Hearth, home of the Igosi.

6 f.e: Vulmurr “The Tenacious” makes his great journey deeper into Skantos

8 f.e. Vulmurr declares himself the King of Yultan and its people, the Yultani.

11 f.e: Alturan traders and settlers appears off the coast of Bru’Al’s Hearth

12. F.e: Igosi settlers sail down the Igo River, traverse the Karvish Peaks and settle on the banks of the Dal river. While overs head South-East, towards the Ormor river, settling in the Mezran Plain.

19 f.e: the High Priests of Amu-ton set out from the Hearth to settle lands for the Alturan people. Some climb Feyr’s Teeth, while others sail as far as the Myyays and Mermaid Fin Bay.

21 f.e: Fur being traded from the southern parts of Skantos back to the Hearth allows for settlers to make longer and further trips into northern Skantos and Feyr’s Teeth.

23 f.e: Vulmurr, along with a band of his best warriors venture to Al’Da’s island, they never return.

26 f.e: Alturan settlers cross the Khula River, past Feyr’s Teeth.

27 f.e: The Yultani Civil War breaks out as Vulmurr’s 3rd son, Strykarn, presses his claim to the throne against his brother and Vulmurr’s first son, Getorix “Ironbreaker”. Hundreds are killed before Strykarn is defeated in single combat and forced to give up his claim.

43 f.e: Igosi peoples living in the Karvish Peaks and along the Dal River begin referring to themselves as Karvish.

49 f.e: The Great Blaze occurs, a fire burns across the Hearth, destroying many fields and granary stores just before winter. Mass emigration ensues, draining the Hearth’s population and wealth.

51 f.e: Warmer seasons cause food production to skyrocket, allowing the Karvish population to grow immensely.

53 f.e: The Karvish city of Karvo flourishes with trade. Its prime location along the Dal allows for trading access across the mainland of Skantos.

54 f.e: With a lack of space and resources, young Yultani men begin going abroad to work as mercenaries and guards.

68 f.e: One later summer’s evening, a bright yellow glow can be seen from Al’Da’s island across Skantos.

77 f.e: Dro-Borul is drained to make room for the poorer population of Bru-Al’s Hearth

83 f.e: The Alturan lord Mezra conquers the plains East of the Karvish Peaks, these lands have since been named after him as the Mezran plain.

85 f.e: After a failed invasion of the Karvish lands, Mezra’s Kingdom is invaded by a combined force of Karvish lords. They pillage his lands and burn his castes, only leaving one mark of his kingdom left, his maze.

92 f.e: Alturan scholars work alongside Igosi navigators to create detailed maps of Skantos. These maps, after being drawn tirelessly for weeks by Alturans, were distributed to every major port in Skantos for sale. These maps dramatically increased the efficiency of trade in the region.

97 f.e: Because of the success of local trade routes within Skantos’ waters, The Hearth falls even further into disarray. An absolute shell of the former metropolis it was decades ago.

103 f.e: A new star appears in the sky, given its purple glow it is named the Imperial Star.

109 f.e: As populations rise, and much of Skantos still uncolonized, a sense of wanderlust and adventure settles over the peoples of Skantos.


112f.e:Despite suffering heavy losses in their most recent skirmishes. Karvo rebuilds fast after a hard winter and reasserts its trade dominance in the region.

112f.e: Igosi settlers begin traveling further south, founding settlements such as Rowan’s Landing.

112f.e: The Champion of Bruvah reveals themselves at a party in Karvo. He grievously wounds High Chief Iskgov in an attempt to draw out their counterpart, the Champion of Aldar.

112f.e: Alturan settlers travel to the Draya Mountains and settle there.

112f.e: Growing in power, Karvo vassalizes Riverport and Dovas, securing most of the Dal.

112f.e: Grave news comes from Ulpine. Refugees flood Southern Skantos and news of a powerful and horrible being slaughtering innocent people spreads. In response High Chief Iskgov sends out a call to all of Skantos, to form a coalition army to march on Ulpine.

112f.e: The Battle of Ulpine ensues. A coalition army of many different Skantosans marches on Ulpine. Losses are heavy and in the end they discover the Champion of Al'daar is responsible for this senseless killing.

112f.e: The city of Volaris flourishes as the wave of refugees boost their population and working class size. They suddenly within the span of a few months become a major power in Southern Skantos.

112f.e: Much like Volaris, Karvo grew in size and population because of the wave of refugees from Ulpine. In accordance to his growing power and prestige, High Chief Iskgov declared himself King of Karv, calling his nation The Karvish Union.

112f.e: Tensions rise across Skantos as news of potential war looms over the land. A small noble from the Karvish Union, Chieftess Naela "The Dungeoness" brazenly threatens the lord of Volaris for his distaste of magic. This sends a ripple through Skatos, as much of the land is still hesitant on magic. Viewing it as something only priests and scholars should have access to.

112f.e: A large bounty is placed on "The Dungeoness' head as nearly all of Skantos halts trade with the Karvish Union for harboring an apostate such as her.

112f.e: "The Dungeoness" is seemingly killed in a short battle between her, The Lord of Volaris, and Rowan of Rowan's Landing himself. While it is said she struck Rowan down herself, the Lord of Volaris delivered her head to her king, personally...