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Welcome to Bru-Al's Domain!

In virgin lands do ancient mysteries lie. Under shining sun and darkening moon, the lands of Skantos are ripe for colonization. All feel called to set out from hearth and home to seize these lands for themselves. Either for god, glory or wanderlust. From frozen mountain top to scorching volcanic plains, the land is yours for the taking. From the creators of Caeda, we bring you Bru-Al’s Domain. An entirely new universe where you, as the player, can have a major impact in the world’s history. With history being a blank page, every battle shall be remembered and every hero's song sung for eternity. With the help of our custom plugin, Caeda Engine, we return with an all new class system that allows for complete custom control over your attributes and points. Giving you the freedom to design your own class around the weapon of your choice. Skantos is waiting, will you lead to light or darkness?


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